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Use the filters on the search page to perform an advanced search. If you regularly search for the same criteria in the filters, create a search scope to perform the search more quickly. For information on scopes, see Working with search scopes.


To use the filters to perform an advanced search, complete the following steps:

  1. Optional: To change the language of the documentation that you view, from the language list on the left of the search bar, select an option.
    Note: You see language options only if the technical content is available in more than one language.
  2. Optional: On the home page, in the search bar, enter a keyword, and click the Search icon to view the search results on the search page.
  3. On the search page, on the Filters tab, under the filter headings, select the check boxes next to the relevant search criteria.
    Note: On mobile devices, the Filters tab does not automatically open. To open the Filters tab, on the upper right of the Knowledge Exchange, tap the burger icon, as Table 2 shows, and tap Filters.


The results in the search pane automatically change to match the filters that you apply.